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AMCOR BDO and LIM Coaching Event

AMCOR held an exceptional event for local businesses in Bucharest in July 2013.

Partnering with BDO Business Advisory and LIM, a global coaching team, focused on developing leaders and teams using Action-Reflection-Learning methodology,  AMCOR gave representatives of companies operating in Romania the opportunity to hear great success stories of LIM experience about building higher performing teams in global companies..

The event was organized by AMCOR presented a synopsis of the book written by Ernie Turner, President of LIM titled “Gentle Interventions for Team Coaching-Little things that make a BIG difference” This is a book that includes case studies from an experience of over 25 years in the global market of team coaching. The presence of the author has been a great contribution to the value of the event.

The moment was a great opportunity for attendees, HR, OD, top managers, and consultants, to learn more about team coaching and how can help them in building higher performing teams.

Examples were a good source of inspiration for participants to find new ways to approach the current challenges they are face to in their companies.

Attending the event, LIM Eastern Europe team, led by Dan Berinde, showed that the methodology used by LIM ARL (Action-Reflection-Learning) worldwide is applicable and effective as well in Eastern Europe's cultural environment, and companies here can have the same support as those from other continents.

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