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A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

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Treasurer's Introduction

I am pleased to have this opportunity to introduce myself to you virtually, as your newly elected Treasurer. I am honored to have the privilege of serving the profession of management consulting in this way.

In terms of Finance, there is no question that we at ICMCI, and therefore all of us as a consolidation of IMCs, will have our hands full. I am heartened by the many excellent conversations I have been able to engage in with colleagues from around the world. We share a vision for a heightened awareness of management consulting as a profession, and we care enough to volunteer our time to further our cause.

The installation of an Executive Director position has already made a huge difference. When the vast majority of our work is done by volunteers, i.e. on a part time basis, it is essential that we have a focused, energetic person at the center that can keep us on track, and that can tie together all of the various initiatives. So while Reema’s excellent efforts have been a boon to all of us, it comes at the price of a salary and we must figure out how to fund the position past this fiscal year.

Our budget for this year, FY 2013-14, was approved in Orlando. Typically, we should have approved the 2014-15 budget in Johannesburg, but we did not have the obvious means, aside from raising membership fees, to fund this additional cost. Instead, we committed to presenting IMCs with a proposed 2014-15 budget in February 2014 for approval by ballot in advance of our Congress in Seoul.

This challenge was well known to me when I accepted to offer my candidacy for this position. I am pleased that I am supported by some very strong people who have agreed to participate on the Finance Committee, the Terms of Reference for which were approved in Johannesburg for endorsement by IMCs. This Committee has the dual function of stewardship of the monies entrusted to us by IMCs, and making recommendations for financing ICMCI operations so together we can achieve our strategic goals. The members of the Finance Committee are: myself (Canada), as Treasurer; Sak Hutanuwat (Thailand), Sorin Caian (Romania), Oliver Matar (USA), Randy Baldwin (Canada), Reema Nasser, Executive Director, Ex Officio, and Tim Millar, Chairman, Ex Officio. We are working hard to come forward with options that will be palatable to all IMC members for financing our important work going forward.

By now you will have received your notice of invoice for the 2013-14 membership dues. It seems odd to me as a newcomer that membership fees invoices are sent out only midway through the Fiscal Year they are funding. I understand there used to be even more of a lag. I will be working with you to help regularize this, as I do not think any of us in our business lives would recommend that a client only begin to finance its operations half way through the fiscal year.

Please do know that I take my duties very seriously, and would welcome feedback or questions from anyone at any time. My ICMCI email address is not operational yet, but please feel free to contact me:


Dwight Mihalicz
Treasurer, ICMCI

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