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Introducing CMC-Global Institute

Your read last month about the Greenhouse IMC, and our agreement with CMC-Canada to provide Secretariat services.

We are pleased to let you know that an interim Board and Committee structure are now in place. And we have a new name: CMC-Global Institute. This is truly a global effort to make it possible for anyone in the world (where there is no IMC member of ICMCI) to become a member in a professional management consulting body and to obtain their CMC certification.

The Interim Board is operating CMC-GI until we can get the legal structure in place,. As I have been the Chair of the working group that led to this point, I was asked to be Interim chair. I am pleased to support this effort until the legal structure is in place and a Board and Officers can be appointed. The Interim Board and committee members are:

  • Tamara Abdel-Jaber (Jordan), Secretary-Treasurer
  • Jeff Griffiths (Canada), Registrar
  • Calvert Markham (UK), Board member,
  • Rob Wagenaar (Netherlands), Board member,
  • Lynn Bennett (Canada), Board member,
  • Marjo Dubbledam (Netherlands), Program and Professional Development Committee
  • Brian Ing, (UK), Secretary, ICMCI providing general support
  • Reema Nasser, Executive Director, ICMCI, Ex Officio
  • Mary Blair, Secretariat
  • Sarah Price, Secretariat

Thank you to the efforts of these individuals, who are working through the same process as any IMC that is ramping up to be a full member of ICMCI. We are looking for more volunteers, so please contact me if you would like to help out.

This initiative will increase ICMCI’s influence globally outside of existing IMC countries, and ensure our place as the peak body for the profession of management consulting in countries where either IMCs don’t exist, have chosen not to be a member of ICMCI, or who do not have enough members to operate from a feasible base. 

All existing IMCs will have the opportunity to promote their professional development and training through the GIMC website (less a commission to GIMC).

Most importantly, there is no intent for GIMC to compete with an established IMC, and where regional (multi-country) agreements exist those will be respected.

We will keep you posted of our progress as we become operational.

Dwight Mihalicz
Treasurer, ICMCI and Interim Chair, CMC-GI

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