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New Chair Message from CMC Korea (KGCCA)

New Chairman’s Message from Korea Government Certified Management Association (KGCCA) & CMC Korea

We, Korea Government Certified Management Association(KGCCA) & CMC Korea, are very pleased to announce that Dr Kap Ho SONG(Government Certified Consultant) has been elected as the 12th chairman of KGCCA on November 24, 2013.

Dr SONG has being operated MBC Tech I as the Representative Director as well as a professor of the School of Business in Soongsil University, which is one of renowned universities in Korea. He has excellent careers as well as showed significant leaderships as following:

1.    Qualified Government Certified Consultant(GCC) in Marketing in 1994 and served as the Board of Director(KGCCA)
2.    Qualified APEC CBC in 2004 and served the representative of APEC CBC in Korea
3.    A committee member of KGCCA Code of Ethics
4.    The head representative of 10th GCC  members
5.    The President of GCC Seoul Gangseo Branch Office

During his ongoing tenure in KGCCA, the chairman presents his clear visions of the following:

1.    Not only bringing strong brand powers of GCC also broadening the job opportunities for 14,830 GCC members & 151 CMC members. Moreover, he will try to do his best to increase GCC & CMC members in Korea.

2.    Very pleased to host the 2014 ICMCI International Conference & Annual Meeting in Korea from September 22 ~ 27, 2014 ( Post Meeting Tour Sep. 27 ~ 29) with the topic:

For the Prosperity together: East & West - The active role of Asian Countries and
the active role of Western Countries

Through this world renowned big event in Korea we hope we can share the leading consulting method and technique to further upgrade CMC branding power and to form closer networks as well as to increase the capacity of our CMC members.

3.     Park Geun-hye’s Korean government so-called "creative economy" initiative under the banner of SMEs, there will be significant synergy effects through the big event of 2014 ICMCI International Conference & Annual Meeting 2014 in Korea.

In conclusion, Korea's current buzzword of "creative economy" and the CMC Global strategy will be good matches for further strong gaining branding power of Global CMCs by networking to provide much more opportunities to CMC Members in 2014 ICMCI International Conference & Annual Meeting.

 We hope to see you all in Korea, 2014 ICMCI International Conference & Annual Meeting.

     Many thanks.
     Kap Ho SONG
     The Chairman
Korea Government Certified Consultant Association (KGCCA) & CMC Korea

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