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New authorities at APCO to renew itself and revitalize the ICMCI network
Giuseppe Bruni has been appointed as new President of APCO, the Italian Association of Management Consultants and member of the ICMCI.  Mr. Bruni and the new Executive Committee of the Association were elected last 14th April.  The APCO General Meeting wanted to imbue the next three years with a strong spirit of renewal: 70% of the new ExCom members are new professionals; 6 out the 10 members of the ExCom are women, prestigious and experienced consultants.

The task the Meeting of members has assigned to the new President and ExCom is a great task:  to promote management consulting as a crucial resource for the recovery of Italian economy, to reorganise companies, to boost their competitiveness as well as Italy’s.

The Meeting also assigned both to the President and the ExCom the task of strengthening APCO bonds with the ICMCI network to benefit the ICMCI, APCO and the other CMC associations that are members of ICMCI, as well as to favour economic exchange among countries of the relevant consulting associations.

The Expo Milano 2015 (June-October 2015) must be an excellent chance to make visible and experience in a concrete manner the network of bonds among the Management Consulting Institutes that are members of ICMCI, mainly (but not limited to) those whose national representatives will attend the Expo.

Also to this end, APCO has proposed itself as a candidate to host the Congress and the International ICMCI Conference (September-October 2015) among the important events of the Expo. 

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