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14 management consulting firms have gone through AMCOR‘s National Accreditation/Reaccreditation Procedure
AMCOR (Romanian Management Consultancies Association) organized during 18-19th of March 2014 a new session of National Accreditation/Reaccreditation procedure. The session was held at the Association’s headquarters in Bucharest.

AMCOR is the only Romanian professional association of management consulting firms that has been organizing for more than 10 years sessions for the professional accreditation of its members.

The National Accreditation/Reaccreditation sessions are organized after the FEACO standards and are rigorously built on three levels: ethics, logistics and know - how of the candidate-company. The sessions are dedicated only to AMCOR’s members and are an instrument through which the Association offers added value for its members, needed to make a difference on the Romanian business market.

The result of the most recent National Accreditation/Reaccreditation session was that 14 consulting firms met the optimum conditions of professionalism, ethics and experience to activate on the management consultancy market: GCI MANAGEMENT & ADVISORY (reaccreditation), PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS (reaccreditation), BECKER CONSULT (accreditation), Eurotop CONSULTING (reaccreditation), EUNITAS CONSULTING (accreditation), FOUNDATION FOR THE PROMOTION OF SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES BRA┼×OV (accreditation), TSI consulting and training (accreditation), BRAGAU FLORIN CONSULTING & MANAGEMENT (accreditation), QUALITY CONSULT LIBRA (reaccreditation), CONCEPT CONSULTING (reaccreditation), ROMAIR CONSULTING (reaccreditation), HYGIA CONSULT (accreditation), SPIRAL CONSULTING (reaccreditation), SINEQVA (accreditation).

We hope that these sessions, organized by AMCOR, have an important impact on the development of a climate of professionalism and ethics on the Romanian management consulting market.

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