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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

An update from the Institute of Management Consultaants of South Africa

Appointment of IMCSA to the IDC
The IMCSA (South Africa) has been appointed as the sole provider of training and certification of management consultants to the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa.

This is a major milestone, as it indicates the recognition of the value of certification by a parastatal organisation. We believe that the commitment of development funding institutions is a very important step in the growth of the ICMCI and its member institutes.

Certification is a weapon in the armoury of the purchasing public to ensure that competence is assured and that consultants who do not perform are identified and managed accordingly.

Honorary award to Ken Robinson


Ken Robinson (partner of Accenture) has been awarded only the second such award in the 42 year history of the IMCSA. Ken is a past president of the IMCSA and has been a committed supporter of the IMCSA’s initiatives in attracting the large firms to the fold. Accenture has been committed to the principle of an accredited practice for 5 years, in order to benchmark its human resource, training, coaching and mentoring practices against the ICMCI standards. The key attractor in this case was the value of international standards.

Ken has been a council member of the ICMCI for many years and was responsible for the drafting of a diversity protocol for the profession in South Africa.

Development of Master Coach Certification in South Africa
South Africa has taken the lead in the mapping of CMC and master coaching competences and this has become a project under the professional standards committee chaired by Angelo Kehayas, President of the IMCSA. The exercise of mapping the various accepted competency frameworks against the latest CMC standard has proven that CMCs can be fast tracked to become coaches who have a broad range of competences. This relates very specifically to executive and management coaching, as CMCs have a broad range of competences relevant to coaching. The key competencies that have to be attained by a CMC are:

  1. The coaching process

  2. Coaching techniques

  3. The personal learning and development framework

This standard is due for release in 2014

First CMC award to Zimbabwean Consultants

Zimbabwe recently re-launched the Zimbabwean National Institute of Consulting (ZNIC), which is heading for provisional membership of the ICMCI, once the prerequisites are met.

Two ZNIC council members, Namrod Gonyora and Peter Mazikana were certified in Johannesburg and became the first two CMCs in ZNIC.

We congratulate them on the award and look forward to the third ICMCI member joining the African Hub and the ICMCI.


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