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A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

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Chairman's message

The recent Asia Pacific Hub meeting in Myanmar was a resounding success; with over 100 registered delegates representing over 20 countries, we must congratulate our hosts and our newest provisional Member in IMC Myanmar – especially the efforts of Michael Chin and his team.

Assisting and mentoring IMC Myanmar through this process was IMC Thailand and we have to acknowledge the ever present and smiling face of Chayaditt Hutanuwatra – Khun Sak and his team who quietly went about their business ensuring each item on the program ran smoothly and with as little technical hick-ups as possible.


One of the key highlights for me was the presentation of a mobile school from Chin Corporation and IMC Myanmar, a great and needed resource to provide a fundamental requirement for practical education in regions where this would normally be unaffordable or difficult to logistically access.

For sure the Asia Pacific Hub meeting was one of the best in ICMCI’s history, and sets the standard now for the rest of the ICMCI calendar which continues in Austria Vienna in June, and then again in Seoul Korea in October.

The ICMCI, through EXCOM and our related taskforces and committees, continue to develop new initiatives for funding, and have now released the Corporate Sustainable Member package.  This is one of the best packages we had build in a long time and has the capacity to underwrite ICMCI’s financial operations well into the future and put less pressure on the member counties and their dues.  We do however require your assistance to identify and help target those ‘global’ firms that could benefit from such a relationship with ICMCI.  Please contact Reema for more information.

I look forward to seeing you in Vienna.

Timothy Millar

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