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ICMCI Video Channel
ICMCI Video Channel 

Dear Colleagues,

With life moving with crazy speed people tend to be very selective with the information they use and the information they read. Since we are now working on increasing ICMCI value for both IMCs and businesspeople, we have to use different means to attract people’ s attention, and  it must be something bright and valuable.

In order to increase ICMCI brand awareness we are using different tools. One of the most popular among both consultants and businesspeople is Video Channels, which allows people to familiarize themselves with the different consulting activities as well as get new valuable knowledge.

The idea behind the ICMCI Channel is to have it in two parts – one for everyone to be able to see what is going on within ICMCI: information about Conferences, Congresses, other important events, work of different Committees and workforces, and important events of IMCs in different countries. The second part is for ICMCI members; our IMCs – to share different tools, methods, trends, information about markets, and business opportunities in different countries.

I believe it is very professional for every country to have its own IMC Channel  like Canada and Ukraine do:

We will add the Channel of every ICMCI member to the central ICMCI Channel, this way we contribute to increase the popularity of both the ICMCI and each IMC. This will provide people worldwide with the chance to use ICMCI services, and to give IMCs a chance to expand their territory of activities.

We would be grateful if you can have a look at the Channel, give us feedback for its improvement, and send us video presentations about your IMC.  This way we all will also have a chance to know each other better and find things in common to improve out professional level.

Here is the link for your enjoyment:

Look forward to your feedback and cooperation with you!

You can send your feedback and videos directly to

Elena Yuzkova
Vice-Chair ICMCI

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