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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Business Exchange

The purpose of the Business Exchange, is for an IMC or CMC to seek out information or make requests for a partnership or alliance with another entity across the world. For example:
•    If an IMC is thinking of a new advertising campaign for the value of the CMC designation, they could ask other IMC’s to send them samples of a successful campaign they have done.
•    If an individual CMC is working on a project for a client that has a branch office in say Berlin, and would like to find a CMC colleague to assist with the German component of the project, they can reach out through this column with some specific criteria required for an associate.
•    If an IMC Committee or Project team needs information or needs to recruit volunteers – just use this column to ask!

Seeking Region/Country Connection to some key Multi-National Organizations
This month, the ICMCI Marketing Committee is seeking connection to the following organizations in order to build a coordinated, international marketing approach of the value of hiring CMC consultants and the value of the CMC designation.
Do you or a colleague have a personal, senior executive level relationships/contact in YOUR Country/Regional/Global Headquarters of:
•    Nestle
•    BP – British Petroleum
•    IBM
•    Novartis
•    HSBC
•    GE – General Electric
•    The European Union
•    The World Bank
•    The Asia Development Bank
•    The Red Cross Society
•    The United Nations/UNICEF

If so, please contact Tom Moriarty who is leading this initiative for ICMCI at: 

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