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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Quick Quiz

Q 1 – When pulling together or recruiting for your team – do you hire/select for team skills: 
(in addition to technical skills/knowledge)

•    Ability to take initiative to communicate with others
•    Collaborative sharing/exchange of insight & information
•    Willingness to listen & consider ideas of others
•    Interest in working together with others

Q 2 – Do all your team members share a clear, motivating & stretch Vision of what they are trying to accomplish?

Q 3 – Do team members understand what each other contributes & can they cross-fill for each other if someone is sick or absent?

Q 4 – Who defines expectations for the team, how they will work together & timelines, milestones, etc.?
(If functioning as a “team”, the team will do this, not you the manager; though you may facilitate the process.)

Q 5 – Who holds the team and individual team members accountable for the performance?
As the manager or team leader, are you the one always asking:
•    How’s it going?
•    Where each person is in the achievement of their work?

(If there is a concern about some individuals being “off track” – Team members, not the “boss”, will be asking Q’s, problem solving these challenges, etc. in a true team!)

Is your ‘Team’ really a TEAM?
To hear more on this topic of High Performing Teams, including a discussion of the answers to this quiz, please check-out the 4-part video-show below!

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