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A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

IMC Share Zone

The IMC Share Zone section is intended to share truly leading edge practices amongst IMC’s so all IMC’s can benefit from each other’s’ ideas and experiences to improve the work they do. Engaging members and potential members in a Professional Association is not an easy thing to do these days!
So, send us information and pictures of your leading practices to

Remember, the idea is to share your learning of successes (or failures) so we all can adapt to your country-specific uniqueness. Ensure your submissions explain how it was accomplished, what partners (if any) were engaged, and any tangible/measurable results you achieved.

This month we feature China’s new CMC Club initiative, and their first session; plus success stories from Ukraine and Turkey.

CMC Club China
Submitted by: Mr. You Ningbo, CMC

On the 26th June, 2014 (Management Consultant Day) IMC China launched their new CMC Club in Beijing’s Jingcheng Club! 

Fig 1. Meeting site of CMC Club China             Figure 2. Deputy President of CEC, Mr..Li Jianming

The CMC Club has been developed to provide a communication and learning platform for all member CMC’s, and hopes to play an important role in networking, exchange amongst participants, and perhaps even some joint business initiatives involving colleagues in the club.

32 experts in the Management Consulting profession attended the inaugural event as outstanding CMC Representatives. Deputy President of China Eneterprises Confederation (CEC), Mr. Li Jianming, and Director of Consulting & Training Center, Miss Zhangyanyan also attended the ceremony and addressed the participants. The Chairman of ICMCI Mr. Tim Millar; Vice Chairman, Mr. Francesco D’Aprile; Executive Director, Reema Nasser; and Chairman of Asia-Pacific Hub, Mr.Liu Chiyao, sent congratulatory messages respectively. 

CMC entered China in 2004, and now has 10 years of rich history. The CMC Club is another entrepreneurial initiative to boost interest, business and best practices amongst its members!
Congratulations to China Enterprises Confederation (our IMC in China) for this new idea, and all the best of success!

Accelerated Change - IMC-Ukraine
Submitted by: Elena Yuzkova, CMC 

The world economy is undergoing accelerated disruptive changes.   The Ukrainian world, is undergoing these changes even faster. These create uncertainty for global business entities as well as for Ukrainian businesses, both private and public; but also these changes provide unmatched opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to embrace accelerated change and use it as a platform to grow, and  increase profitability.

To learn how to position the company for sustained success, IMC-Ukraine invited Oliver Matar, CMC, (and Trustee of IMC USA), a frequent International Speaker and a Chairman of APT Facilitators to share  his insights.  He conducted a very practical workshop: “How to use the current trend of Accelerated Change to grow your company, increase your profitability and get ahead of your competitors?”  
Topics included:
•    Disruptive changes in the world economy, and how these affect stakeholders?
•    How major global trends affect SMEs?
•    How SMEs can position themselves to survive and strive within the turbulent global business environment? 
•    How to structure your SME to benefit from globalization to grow and increase profitability?
•    How to instill agility in your SME?
•    And a lot more...
The participants were members of IMC-Ukraine, including management consultants, CMCs, and their clients (CEOs and owners of SME’s). [The engagement of clients is a terrific idea of value-add!]

This was a heavily interactive workshop between the participants and the Speaker who also played the role of facilitator of the discussion among the participants. The participants discussed the current major trends impacting their current business environment, the main challenges facing entrepreneurs, the international classification of entrepreneurial styles, and the formula for growth of the Small and Medium Enterprises. All people left the workshop very much excited and full of ideas and inspiration. 

We all look forward to your next meetings IMC Ukraine – Well Done!

Management Consultants Summit, Çırağan Palace, Istanbul
Submitted by: Tülin Seçen, CMC

Many participants and speakers from various sectors were in the meeting, in which the awards for the most successful consultant projects were presented for the first time.

Most Successful Management Consultancy Project Award – won by Kayseri Gaz and NMT Consulting with their project on institutional risk management project.

On 11th April, for the first time in Turkey, Most Successful Management Consultancy Project Awards were presented. Since the success of the project is not solely dependent on the consulting firm, the client and consulting firm both had to apply for the award together. 4 projects competed in the final stage for the award. The team, which evaluated the projects, observed the projects and specifically favored the projects which made cultural and structural changes in the corporate and that build strong infrastructures to improve the profitability, quality and efficiency. An important factor, which was taken into account, was that whether the project affected the corporate as a whole, from the roots or just on the superficial level. The awards will be given starting from 2014. This initiative targets the highlighting of remarkable projects, which had all the right approaches during the process.
The award process was established by Management Consultants Association – Turkey, with prize symbol designed by Mehmet Sakir Kiş, and ICMCI reviewing the awarding process.  
The Management Consultants Association, working to provide recognition and improvement for the sector, organized a Management Consultants Summit for the first time in Turkey. The summit, which was on the 11th of April, had the main theme “Corporate Governance and Change Management Reflection on the Consulting Projects”. 
The event was sponsored by ICMCI, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Güneş Sigorta, T.C. Science Industry and Technology Ministry, ABAS Turkey, ARGE Consulting, ICC International Consulting, Progroup Internation Consulting, VİKO, ANKON International Consulting, Researcher Magazine and Yapı-Endüstri Merkezi (YEM).

Summit Participants came from public and private sectors
Senior representatives from the business world, consulting firms and guests with international renown in the sector were invited to the summit and discussed the new aspects and approaches in various areas of management consulting. The summit aimed to provide the attendees with different point of views with panels and presentations of distinguished lecturers. The opening speeches were done by bureaucrats and executives from public sector.

“We Contribute to the Sustainability of Corporations”
The president of the Management Consultants Association, Tülin Seçen, said the following on the summit and the awards:
“Management consulting is playing a key role in raising the standards of the aspect of sustainability on all levels and today, this is a widely acknowledged reality in the business world. As members of this professional community, we are trying to help our clients with building a more competitive, efficient, institutional and sustainable structure and we want to contribute to the nation’s economy with our end results. Our aim is to analyze the concepts and approaches, which are forming and standing out in our country and in our world, and to benefit from examples and others experiences so that we can contribute to our profession. This was our understanding and vision when we are organizing the Management Consultants Summit.”

Seçen, describing the summit as a prestigious medium which gets the business world and the consultants together, continued to her words as following:  “We evaluated the project awards with this approach. We believe that this award, which is accredited by ICMCI, will be a lodestar in the sector and that it will bring out the good examples to the front, which will play a supporting role for improvement. New management approaches in the world will keep on to be discussed and reviewed in the summit, which will take place in the next and following years. To the summit and awarding organization, which will raise the bar in management quality, that is critically important for the corporations and our country’s development; to everyone here who are willing to improve the standards in consulting sector, we thank you.

We thank you IMC Turkey, for sharing this recipe of success!

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