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Korea 2014 update

2014 ICMCI Conference & Annual Meeting 
IMC Korea is pleased to announce that this year, 2014 ICMCI Conference & Annual Meeting will take place in Seoul, Korea on Monday 22 through Saturday 27 September, 2014. The event in Korea will become the first combined big event of ICMCI Conference and Annual Meeting to be simultaneously held in the Asia-Pacific region as well as globally. The conference is not just for IMC representatives on ICMCI council, or EXCOM members; indeed it is open and appropriate for all CMC’s interested in doing business in the Asia-Pacific region and building their global professional network.

The Asia-Pacific area encompasses much of East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania, having an aggregate population of over 2.2 billion people. This market includes over fifty countries of developed and well as emerging markets which have recently experienced rapid economic growth.
Korea continues stimulating the nation's growth engines by upgrading industrial structure, which includes over 400 thousand large companies and small and medium enterprises. 
In particular, Korea aims to further develop the components and as well as knowledge-based service sectors.

Under the topic " Management Consulting practices: Global Trends and Opportunities", the combined event will focus on the up-to-date consulting practices in global markets. Covering major industries, challenges, roles and qualifications, plus cases and solutions, the conference will also address future business opportunities.  Insights, leading practices and interactive dialogue amongst participants will characterize the advanced consulting markets aspect of the conference.

We have invited prominent keynote speakers and around 300 consulting delegates who are currently active in the global markets to generate dynamic discussions, networking and exploration sessions.

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