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Constantinus International Award


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2014 CMC International Conference and ICMCI Annual General Meeting Korea

By all accounts the 2014 CMC International Conference and ICMCI Annual General Meeting in Seoul were a resounding success! The hosts, IMC Korea, put together a summary video of the event. Click here to view.

Many, many thanks to the volunteers that made these events a special success!

Appreciation Greetings from Dr Song, Kap Ho Chair of IMC Korea
I am very glad to host 2014 ICMCI Conference and Annual Meeting in Seoul, Korea successfully with your great supports from 22nd of September to 26th of September, 2014.Through hosting this Seoul Event I have experienced that we can do something with sincere co-operation, friendships and sharing advanced knowledge of networks of ICMCI.Also through this event we are experiencing CMC brand power in Korea has been generated with a lot of interesting by Koreans. Therefore, we decided to run another CMC training program from 22 November, 2014. I am looking forward to meet you again in Netherlands, the next Conference and Congress in 2015.

Best Wishes,

Dr Song, Kap Ho
Chair IMC Korea/KGCCA

Events Summary:
As hosting for the first combined 2014 ICMCI Conference & Annual Meeting, we are pleased to say that we wrapped Seoul Events up successfully in Korea from 22nd to 27th of September 2014.

The meeting kicked off with over 300 delegates from 42 countries, Australia, Austria, Vietnam, China, UK, USA, Canada, and so on.

The gala dinner included Constantinus International Awards; gold medal winner from CMT & CO, silver medal winner from PM Analysis, National Champion from CyberLogitec and nominee from Weichselbaum, and Appreciation Awards; Ms Reema Nasser, Ms Boonyavee Tangtrongthaveepa, and Mr Gyong-jin LEE.

Group Photo with winners and nominees, Constantinus International Award

Ms Reema Nasser    Ms B.Tangtrongthaveepa(Huang)  Mr Gyong-jin LEE


Group photo with 13th Batch of New Korean CMCs

A CMC Certificate Award Ceremony of the 13th batch of CMC training program was held on 25th of September 2014. A total of 23 participants who successfully completed the training program from 28th of June to 19th of July 2014, had acquired the CMC qualification.

Through these events, acquisition of CMC certification has generated a lot of interest. Therefore, the 14th batch of CMC program is planned to commence on 22 November, 2014

The Conference and Annual Meeting ended with sweet farewells, knowing that the Korean events were over after so much hard work, but at the same time looking forward to meet our country representatives in Netherlands, hosting next Conference and Annual Meeting in 2015.

From this event, we trust that it was great opportunity for sharing and mutually growing from each other’s experience and advanced knowledge. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to speakers and entire participants for helping us.

Group photo of 2014 ICMCI Seoul Events

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