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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Business Exchange

Professional Development
Management-tour to Companies of Silicon Valley
April, 2015

IMC Ukraine in collaboration with FastForward is organizing a practical (not entertaining) excursion. During the innovation management tour to Silicon Valley, you will have the opportunity to visit world-famous IT companies (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Zappos), a start-up incubators (500 Startups), and Famous Retail (Walmart, Starbucks) and Finance Companies ( Wells Fargo). In addition, Stanford University organizes two-hour lecture on business innovation for our delegation.

We will meet with top officials of these companies.

Value for participants:

  • Get a huge charge of innovative ideas for developing your business and see how these ideas work in practice.
  • Explore innovative ways of management of technologies, company management, developing and retaining of talents.
  • Create a long-term relationships with management of companies and later - get essential profit from the invaluable personal connections.

Meetings are held in four formats:

•         Presentations of the speakers and presentations of the professors from business schools;
•         Session of direct questions and answers;
•         Visit to the back offices, front offices, show rooms and other facilities;
•         Informal talks with the leaders on dinners or lunches.

Preliminary program and information about companies you can find here.
For more information, please contact: Elena Yuzkova, CMC, Ukraine:

The purpose of the Business Exchange, is for an IMC or CMC to seek out information or make requests for a partnership or alliance with another entity across the world.

For example:

  • If an IMC is thinking of a new advertising campaign for the value of the CMC designation, they could ask other IMC’s to send them samples of a successful campaign they have done.
  • If an individual CMC is working on a project for a client that has a branch office in say Berlin, and would like to find a CMC colleague to assist with the German component of the project, they can reach out through this column with some specific criteria required for an associate.
  • If an IMC Committee or Project team needs information or needs to recruit volunteers – just use this column to ask!
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