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Ethics and Counseling: A Winning Combination for the Economic Revitalization of Italy

Ethics and Counseling: A Winning Combination for the Economic Revitalization of Italy
The Italian economy needs to change radically to develop its competitive position in the world. In this sense, the role of ethical management, as expressed by entrepreneurs, managers and consultants, is essential to guide and facilitate the change, but is still greatly underestimated in Italy.

Therefore, with the intent to stimulate the development of this role, ICMCI member APCO – the Italian Professional Association of Management Consultants – has signed a collaboration agreement with AssoEtica, the Italian National Association of Ethics Officers.

The intention is to raise awareness in the economic and institutional world of the value of knowledge and qualified skills, and of ethical behavior in business. For this purpose, the two associations will share initiatives and activities on issues of common interest and optimize their resources by collaborating on ongoing training, the organization of seminars and conferences and initiating joint working groups.

Giuseppe Bruni, President of APCO, and Bruno Bonsignore, President of AssoEtica, both agree that ethics is the more sustainable and free value available to the consultants. The partnership will allow both organizations to expand systematically the conversation on a key issue, and to continue to work towards a greater recognition of non-regulated professions.

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