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APCO – CMC Italy Champions European Manifesto for CMC Contribution to Knowledge-driven Economy

APCO – CMC Italy Champions European Manifesto for CMC Contribution to Knowledge-driven Economy

25 years ago APCO - the Italian Professional Association of Management Consultants - decided to join the big family of ICMCI. It was a far-sighted choice that brought benefits to the whole world of consulting.

As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of APCO’s Membership in ICMCI, we thought it right to ask ourselves how - today and in the future – we could put to an even better use, the opportunities that come with this partnership. One such opportunity, or rather perhaps even a duty, seemed to be to take advantage of the occasion of the renewal of the European Institutions (Parliament, Commission, Council of Europe) to put them on the issue of recognition of the specific contribution of Management Consultants to the Economy of Knowledge, identified by the European Union as a condition of the new competitiveness of the EU area.

Hence the idea of a Manifesto for the European Management Consultants’ Contribution to the Knowledge-driven Economy, and the subsequent proposal by APCO for a joint initiative with ICMCI and IMCs in Europe.

The Manifesto focuses on the ability of Management Consultants to create value: for companies, for institutions and banks, for the consulting field in 50 countries worldwide, for the promotion of consulting quality standards UNI, CEN, ISO, and more.

The Manifesto is intended to be presented to the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and the President in office of the Council of the European Union Matteo Renzi. The document commits the EU institutions to support their permanent refresher courses, promoting the effective transfer of knowledge and expertise to the Companies for the achievement of the EU priorities of “smart, sustainable and inclusive growth”,  and finally to redefine welfare in ways appropriate to the characteristics of the new professionals bearing knowledge and competitiveness.

For their part, the European Associations that gather the professional and certified excellence of the management consultants:

  • declare to agree and share the competitiveness and social development objectives established by the EU;
  • ask the new European Institutions to implement the instruments suitable for achieving these objectives;
  • declare with firm will, to share their skills for the achievement of the mentioned objectives;
  • ask the EU to supply them the adequate and necessary instruments for the implementation of Strategy 2020 and to carry out their jobs in professional and dignified conditions; and
  • ask the new European Institutions to be considered as key qualified counterparts in designing new instruments and programs that will affect the business and professional development of the European knowledge workers as well as the growth of all the European SMEs.

Giuseppe Bruni
Apco President

Click here for the PDF document Manifesto

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