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ICMCI ExCom Update

The Commercial Necessity of ICMCI
As management consultants, we all know that budgeting follows strategy. Through and following the Breakthrough Strategy effort we have initiatives in place that will advance the profession globally. I have been delighted to see that we, as a global family, have been overcoming many of the “we-they” attitudes of the past to come together with a unified vision of the future.

The strategic plan currently being put together with ExCom will help translate that vision into action. Through this process we can decide the work that should take place at the national level, by IMCs, and what should be coordinated or initiated globally by our Executive Director and the Secretariat, and the volunteers engaged to support global activity. The key is that all of us together are ICMCI, and together we must decide how to achieve our goals.

Of course, as your Treasurer, and Chair of your Finance Committee, I am concerned with how we fund these operations. Please take 18 minutes to watch the presentation I made to the ICMCI Trustees on this topic as they came together for our Annual meeting in Seoul, Korea in September of this year. Click here for the presentation.

The bottom line is that we either need to generate flexible revenue or increase membership fees if we wish to achieve our vision. We have decided that in 2014-15 we will raise additional revenue. One of our best opportunities to do this is through the recently launched Corporate Sustaining Member program. Participating IMCs can retain 50% of the revenue gained through this program, with the other 50% supporting our global activity. Our Chairman, Tim Millar, has recently written all IMCs and Trustees about this program, and we have information on our web site.

Please join us in promoting this exciting initiative, which will help us immensely to attain our global vision.

As always, I would be very pleased to hear from you with your thoughts and ideas.

Dwight W. Mihalicz, MBA CMC
Treasurer, ICMCI

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