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CMC – Global Institute now “Open for Business”

CMC - Global Institute now "Open for Business"
I am delighted, as Chair of CMC-Global Institute, to announce that CMC-GI is now enrolling members, and will soon be certifying members as CMC-GI. We have been awarded Provisional Membership status by ICMCI and have reached agreement with CMC-Canada to certify CMCs on our behalf until we have achieved full membership status.

As you may know, I was appointed Interim Chair of CMC-GI, and committed to carry out this role through the founding of the first Board. Now that we are Provisional Members with all of the logistics are in place and we have excellent people in place on the Founding Board. My term will soon come to a close, at which time I will be proud to hand over my duties to a new Chairperson.

I would like to thank the Founding Directors (Tamara Abdel-Jaber, Jeff Griffiths, Calvert Markham, Rob Wagenaar, and Lynn Bennett) who worked so hard to put the organization in place. Thanks also to CMC-Canada who has been the service provider, primarily through Mary Blair and Sarah Price. We must also mention Marjo Dubbledam, Brian Ing, and Reema Nasser. All supported the launch by attending many meetings and doing much work off line. In the next issue of CMC To-day we will announce the new Board.

Until now, the opportunity to become a CMC, or even a member of an IMC has not been available to management consultants in parts of the world without IMCs except on a sporadic basis.  But now, with the establishment of CMC-GI, management consultants anywhere in the world can become members, and can pursue their CMC designation. When there is enough critical mass in any one country and there is expressed interest they can form their own national IMC.

The GIMC provides the same services to members and CMCs as an IMC provides to its members and CMCs. This array of services for members and CMCs include:

  • professional association with other like-minded professionals,
  • access to professional development activities to maintain the CMC designation,
  • access to publications of interest to management consultants,
  • access to virtual resources and training, and
  • ability to apply for and earn the CMC designation.

Please have a look at our web site, for more information, or email

Thanks you all, for your support, and I wish the incoming Chair, Officers, Directors, and committee members every success in this important endeavor.

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