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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Quick Quiz

Hiring People for Excellence
As a senior leader, one of the great joys in life is to watch someone you’ve hired, blossom in their role, become a high-performer, advance their career and motivate other colleagues to similar performance. The opposite is very painful! This quiz will get you thinking about your practices in recruiting terrific talent.

Q 1      When recruiting, do you see each opportunity as one to “power-build” the organization for the future? Do you:

  • Update the Job Description with a future focus?
  • Clarify competencies, experience, knowledge attributes desired forward (vs. the same as past)?
  • Identify personality dynamics for “fit” and advancement of the team?
  • Frame the job opportunity as one to “add-value” to clients and the organization – and set these expectations from the start – in Job Ad, early interview Q’s, Follow-up proposal from short-listed candidates?

Q 2      Non-misleading Hiring Process

  • There’s no point in candidates OR you the recruiter trying to falsify expectations, capabilities or potential. 6 months from now, failure hurts both sides!
  • So, do you encourage this realistic approach?

Q 3      Internal Candidates – Do you:

  • Discuss what it will be like to Step-Up to a new level of
    • Performance
    • Productivity
    • Accountability
  • Encourage internal candidates to basically “do the job” (if possible) for a few months before actually promoting them?
    • “Acting” position
    • Increased responsibilities assignment with clarity of expectations/reward

Q 4      Behavioural Interviewing is a fundamental technique these days, but surprisingly still not universally practiced.

  • When reviewing past responsibilities off resume or application, do you ask them to recount how they:
    • Handled a problem/opportunity
    • Explain their learning from incidents/projects/initiatives
  • Ask them to explain how they might handle common actions or challenges or decision-making related to the new job?

Q 5       When accepting a new job, almost everyone will need to learn some new things. Do you discuss:

  • What things they think they will need to learn to succeed in the job?
  • The type/area(s) of support from you/supervisor?
  • 100-day Plan for entering the job and early accomplishments?
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