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Quick Quiz

Is your Management Consulting Firm and its consulting members clearly “Professional”?

Q1. Proposals

  • Do all of your consultants use a common template, providing consistency of brand image and clarity of your Uniqueness/Value Proposition?
  • Is there transparency for the client as to fees and charges and how they will be applied to the scope of work of the proposal?
  • Are all your consultants and 3rd-party resources either CMC’s or individuals committed to the CMC Professional Code of Conduct? When was this last reviewed with everyone?
  • If doing business internationally, are you in compliance with local tax regulations?
  • Do you carry appropriate Errors & Omissions Insurance, travel and general liability insurance and other coverage as applicable (i.e. Workers Compensation)?
  • Are all your team members competent to do the work outlined and do their Bios show this? Is it clear to the client what work the led client will perform and what the junior and/or 3rd party consultants will perform?

Q2 – Letters of Engagement/Contracts

  • Are there clear outcomes and measures of success, deliverables and timelines, ownership of materials, etc. outlined in the terms of the contract?
  • Is it clear what the consultant will do, and what the client will need to do/provide?
  • Is the billing timing clear – deposits, monthly deliverables, final, travel, out-of-pocket, and applicable taxes?
  • Do you sign the contract “Per” your organization – to ensure you don’t attract personal liability for the project?
  • Is there clarity as to late-payment penalties, late-delivery penalties? If your firm offers a “guarantee” on its work, is it clear how it works?
  • Is it indicated who the primary relationship/communication point-people are for each party to the engagement?

Q3 – Out-of-Pocket & Travel Costs

  • Do you stay at hotels, eat at restaurants and travel in a manner that is appropriate to the type of organization you are working with?
  • Is your dress, deportment, language, manners in-line with the culture and expectations of the client?
  • Are your documents and presentations “professional” and delivered to the client appropriately?

Q4 – Engagement Execution

  • Do your team members all work efficiently and productively, providing good value for the time spent.
  • Do all team members clearly work to advance the client’s objectives, achieve the client objective (as opposed to just putting in the hours), and ensure deliverables are provided on-time, on-budget, on-quality?
  • Do you ensure confidentiality of the client documents, information and knowledge of their business issues? (Especially if discussing or doing work on airplanes, in restaurants, etc.)
  • Is your work, are your recommendations implement-able? Have you taken a systems- or network- perspective to ensure all potential ramifications of your recommendation have been considered and risks assessed?

Q5 – Post Assignment

  • Do you do a project follow-up/debrief so as to get the client feedback and find constructive suggestions for continuous improvement?
  • Do you check-in with client after some time of implementation, to ensure success is being accomplished?
  • Do you get explicit permission to use testimonials or share project outlines to use as case examples, references etc.?
  • How do you maintain and extend the relationship with clients after assignments, adding value, so as to enhance your professional reputation for referrals, repeat business, testimonials, and more?