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Austrian IT and Consulting Day

Austrian IT and Consulting Day:
"Back to the top - mobilize resources for Austria's competitiveness and growth".

The IT- and Consulting industry is one of the most successful industries in Austria. Despite the unfortunate business environment the industry total revenue grew by 7.2 % to 23.60 Billion Euros (2014). Alfred Harl: "Since 2008, the industry total revenue increased by more than 50%. Nearly 7,400 employers and more than 74,000 employees show that knowledge-based service providers are the growth industry of the future."
The Austrian IT and consulting day in its 13th edition on November 26th is dedicated to the mobilization of Austria’s resources to lead the economy back to the top. The more than 1,800 expected participants will learn impetus for "True Economy" and deepen the discussion on "Old Economy" and "New Economy". Alfred Harl, host and Chairman of the Austrian Professional Association of Management Consultancy, Accounting and Information Technology (UBIT) of the Austrian Economic Chamber: "We invite our audience to be active part of the think tank at the consulting day." And Harl continues: "Is there a greater motivation than success? We strongly support entrepreneurship and provide the necessary conditions for successful work. The spirit of entrepreneurship has to be given space. This year's IT and consulting day should be a generator of inspiration and space simultaneously.”