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ExCom Update

With this month’s issue focussing on leadership it’s only prudent to focus my remarks on leadership also, but as we come to the end of another term for ExCom perhaps this is one time we can permit ourselves to reflect.

When ICMCI first started it was an organisation of only 7 members (7 member country Institutes and Trustees), soon after establishment the organisation finalised its rules for operating and elected its first ExCom, the Executive Committee.

Through the years there have been 14 ExComs, each with a two-year term to get the job done and represent this great profession at the highest level internationally. A few who serve one term but many of whom have put in their three or more terms in back to back and some taking on office bearer roles who have devoted more years – so somewhere between 2 and 10 years.

Add that to the Trustees where some have given 20 years service or more, we have had a vast investment of some of the worlds leading consultants to build ICMCI and lead the Profession into the future.

This year marks 12 years of my personal involvement, and I have had the privilege to be elected as the 14th Chairman of ICMCI and to work with so many talented and passionate people across our membership. I have seen them balance their opinion with a reasoned force of argument (some more than others – a small joke) while being sensitive to race, culture, religion and social and economic imbalances that exist in the world from time to time.

In 2009 ICMCI realised it needed to strengthen (now with 50 memebers) and change with the growing and changing world of business and governance. More openness, transparency and accountability – balanced of course with delegated lines of authority and controls.

So, in culmination of the work than began in the Breakthrough Strategy and the several attempts earlier, this ExCom is pleased to have built the new governance model in balance and fairness. Seeking member and Trustee input along the way on key aspects, and now we have the last stages to go which coincide with our term in office as ExCom. I trust you and your Institutes will benefit from these changes for many years to come, and we will see this profession grow to be recognised, as our saying goes, with a slight modification - ‘globally standardized and locally relevant’.

After our Congress meeting in the Netherlands you will have a new ExCom, made up from five of the current ExCom with most in new roles as well as three new members. The next Executive Committee will be comprised of:

  • Sorin Caian as Chair,
  • Dwight Mihalicz as Treasurer,
  • Kim Karme as Secretary, and
  • 5 vice chairs: Robert Bodenstein, Elena Yuzkova, Kyeong Seok Han, Oliver Matar, and Jeremy Webster.

Let’s finish this year well, and help the current ExCom duly conclude its duties; and then welcome in a new era of leadership and succession from our new ExCom. As we pass the torch to our successors, we wish them all the best of success!

Tim Millar