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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

ExCom Update

The ICMCI Congress in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, marked an important change in the history of our organization. After a long period of status quo, the Members had agreed in principle last year in Seoul to the change the governance structure to that expected of an organization like ours.  The detailed changes to implement this modernisation were presented and accepted by those attending.
Also a new ExCom took over responsibility for leading ICMCI.  I am proud and honoured to chair the new team with:

Kim Karne – Secretary          Dwight Mihalicz – Treasurer 
Elena Yuzkova – Vice Chair         Robert Bodenstein – Vice Chair 
Kyeong Seok Han – Vice Chair     Oliver Matar – Vice Chair
Jeremy Webster – Vice-Chair     Tim Millar – Immediate Past Chair. 
This will form the first Board under the new Governance arrangements.

The Breakthrough Strategy has produced a number of projects designed for the benefit, both financially and in helping achieving their national objectives, of ICMCI’s Members as well as for the strengthening of the consulting profession worldwide. Our main role in the coming months is to implement these initiatives, achieve the goals we have set ourselves and results for our Members. 

Preparing the future of ICMCI will continue, including enhanced use of volunteer work especially to increase the number of CMCs and other members from all over the world contributing in various committees, task forces, working groups or simply being part of the professional community. 

We will listen and learn from our Members regarding their needs, expectations and initiatives.  To do this, direct contacts will be organized in the near future with individuals and representatives of each of our Members.

Improving the relationship between ICMCI and external relevant entities (such as IFIs, EU, other professional organizations, users of consulting services) and focusing on recognition of the profession and CMC brand will be one of our priorities for the next years.

I strongly believe that improving communication, in an effective and efficient way, is the key of moving the organization forward, and the ExCom and all its members have already committed a high priority to achieve this goal.  

We eagerly anticipate to hear from all the profession around the world, and we will regularly report back to you all through this newsletter.

I look forward to us all taking our organization and profession forward together.

Sorin Cain
CMC – ICMCI Board Chair & President

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