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A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

ICMCI C'tee Updates

Marketing & Communications C’tee

For 2016 the Marketing committee has the following key initiatives underway:

  1. Rebuilding the new ICMCI Website
  2. Development of Common Annual CMC Campaign materials for each MC to implement
  3. Social Media programming and “presence” Hosting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Wikipedia, etc.
  4. CMC Today & common Branding Packages for ACP, CMC-Firm, Academic Fellows
  5. Ongoing communications/branding support to ICMCI Board & other Committees


  1. Rebuilding the new ICMCI Website

The site map and website overall design has been developed and approved in early November. The external website developer is delivering training to secretariat staff.

Next we embark on organizing past data/content and writing new content. This is also the backbone of all the other work that follows. Next deliverables:

  • We hope to be able to soft-launch the new site in early January 2016.
  • All IMC’s will be requested to provide overview information and statistics to ICMCI shortly in order to complete a summary page for each IMC.
  • Other ICMCI Committees will be asked to develop their content and identify file needs in the next few weeks.
  • Individual IMC’s who wish to develop their own site as a piece of ICMCI’s will be contacted before Christmas with instructions on how to proceed.
  • IMC’s with their own sites will be able to link theirs to ICMCI’s upon launch


  1. Development of Common Annual CMC Campaign materials for each IMC to implement
  • e-Brochures on CMC, ACP, CMC-Firm, Academic Fellows and more, plus: posters, emails, newspaper advertisements, etc. with consistent identity, branding and positioning of CMC and other designations.
  • English standard version + version for local language adaptation
  • Timing and suggested strategy/approach
  • Ready for Spring 2016 and lead-up to International Consulting day in June


  1. Social Media Programming & Hosting – establishing an international personality for CMC, on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Wikipedia
  • Establishment of an international CMC Facebook site – programing topics of dialogue, contests, shared experiences with clients and more
  • Professional platform and representation on LinkedIn, with intelligent posts, curated insights and promotion in support of the annual campaign(s) above.
  • Updating of content around CMC, ACP, etc on Wikipedia
  • Enhancement of our existing YouTube platform with better organization
  • Launch of Facebook & LinkedIn by January 2016, others to follow thereafter


  1. CMC Today & Consistent Branding for all Designations
  • On-going bi-monthly publication of CMC Today, with increased contribution of content from other Committees and CMC-experts around the world.
  • Branding packages for all IMC’s for ACP, CMC-Firm, Academic fellows and AMCC. Ready by 1st Q 2016. These will be similar to the existing international CMC branding package and IMC branding kits delivered in 2014/15. All IMC’s should ensure they are in compliance with these branding guidelines as they are released.


  1. Branding & Communications Support to ICMCI Board & Committees
  • Support to Board Chair and Board for major communications to members or partners
  • Consolidation of messaging to IMC’s so as to avoid the overwhelming multiple-email requests and advisory information
  • Work with Conference C’tee on both conference design and branding/images to ensure ICMCI positioning and branding is maintained/improved.
  • Work with other C’tees to support their public, member or other communications required by the work of their committee, and ensure correct English-language useage.
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