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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Quick Quiz

Is your/your Client’s Strategic Planning Incorporating Key Global-Local Dynamics?


Q1 - Does your Strategic Thinking include Replacement Economy Dynamics?

  • Have you considered the population pyramids of global, regional and local nature that relate to where you operate and sell your products & services?
  • Have you taken into account how these demographic dynamics are going to underpin natural buying trends or client preference shifts over the next 5 years or timeframe of your planning?
  • Have you considered how these will affect growth, leveling out, or contraction of economic prosperity where you operate?


Q2 – How is the Distribution of Wealth (or lack thereof) Likely to Affect your Strategy?

  • Do you identify the key clients/customers in the marketplaces you serve, and then understand their dynamics in the coming 5 years – growth or adjustment or whatever – and then what they are likely to “PULL” from your organization?
  • Can you clearly articulate what your value proposition needs to be for these clients, given their dynamics; and how that will compare to other providers – traditional or perhaps new entrants?


Q3 – How is Debt Affecting Your/your Client’s Plan?

  • Debt of governments (at each level) affects such things as tax policy, funding to NGO’s or citizens in need, health care and other government services. How will these impact your plan?
  • Debt of consumers or corporate clients – how will that affect your clients expectations?
  • Your own organizational debt – what priorities or constraints will this need to put into the plan?


Q4 – What Natural Resources Protection or Availability Issues might affect you in the next 5 years?

  • Are your costs for resources going up or down or stable? What will that mean to pricing of products and services?
  • What new or existing regulatory aspects for access to resources will impact your plan?


Q5 – What Will You Stop Doing?

  • Given finite resources (money, people, infrastructure and more); in pursuing some new initiatives, what will you need to stop doing in order to reallocate resources to new priorities?
  • What areas of productivity improvements or elimination of errors, or divisional sell-offs should be considered for the new Strategy.
  • Do you have the appropriate compensation/reward design required to achieve your new Goals and measures of success?
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