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IMC Sharezone - Charter of Milan

APCO and ICMCI sign “The Charter of Milan”

Giuseppe Bruni, Chair of APCO, the Italian IMC, and Sorin Caian, Chair of ICMCI sign the Charter of Milan on October 13th 2015, in a formal ceremony, at Expo.

Last year autumn Member’s Conference (November 25th 2014) marked the beginning of Apco’s journey to “sustainability as a new frontier of management consulting”.

Several steps were taken to reach this goal, which lead to the signature of “Carta di Milano” by Apco’s Chair, engaging the Italian Management Consulting to the economy and life style sustainability.

The motivation was of both natures ethical and economical.

It’s evident that the generation of wealth, which is essential to expand welfare to all inhabitants on the planet Earth, must be limited by ethics values.  The production of wealth at the expense of large groups of people, the environment in which we live, and of the future generations, is an instrument of self-destruction: there is a limit not to be exceeded. Such limits define the areas of sustainability, thus triggering the need for economical, social and cultural innovation.

Sustainability is therefore a prerequisite for a successful development in the economic, social, environmental and generational contexts. It is a condition for the enhancement of resources with the perspective of sustainable competitiveness and social cohesion.

Apco has highlighted many aspects of sustainability during this journey.

The Spring Member’s Conference of Apco realized on April 24th was an opportunity to reflect on the non-financial aspects of the production of value, as they have been regulated by the EU Directive, which provides for the entry into force of the Annual Financial Report in January 2017, with the indication of diversity and non-financial values, and the consolidation of sustainability report to the integrated report.

Likewise, in an event held in Expo on July 7th, Apco wanted to highlight and register how the choices of sustainability produce clear competitive advantages, and think about how such choices often repay the economic and social investment beyond any other comparable investment.

The date October 13th was also the occasion for ICMCI to highlight the sensitivity towards sustainability issues which ICMCI has promoted among the Institutes of Management Consultants participating in its network. The great value of this path of ICMCI was highlighted in an important speech of its new Chair, Sorin Caian, which he also signed The Milan Charter.

The Charter of Milan was delivered to UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, on 16th October at Expo on the occasion of the world day dedicated by FAO to fight hunger and malnutrition.

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