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A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

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Board Update

As most of our readers will know, late January 2016 was the moment of a major change in the Governance of ICMCI (more and more known for branding reasons as CMC-Global). Based on your voting, we are now transforming the old “ExCom” into the Board; as well as the term “Trustees” becomes Delegates. Along with the change in terminology, goes evolution in the governance responsibilities of each.

The Board had its first face-to-face meeting on February 15th- 17th in Vienna, with the great support of our Austrian Member, WKO.

  • The Agenda was extremely wide-ranging, in keeping with the new responsibilities put forward to the Board, as well to the expectations of our Members. We cannot be successful as an organization if we are not able to effectively communicate both inside and outside and contribute positively to the development, success, and recognition of our profession. Paraphrasing the title of this CMC Today issue, we may say that it is time to move from managing the internal process and systems towards bringing quality and responsibility to the business environment as well as innovation.
  • The Main topic on the face-to-face meeting agenda was updating full Board on the outcomes of our first round of discussions with the IMCs members to ICMCI under the “Collaborative Approach” initiative. These WebEx calls with the Chairs, Executive Directors, Board members of our Members Institutes, and their Trustees (Delegates from now on), were designed to improve communication and understanding of each other’s’ needs.  As well, these conversations were a good step ahead in our attempt in bringing CMC-Global closer to its members, and to the members of its members, plus delivering to them full value of our initiatives and projects. The Collaborative Approach will continue and the results are already extremely encouraging to our future!
  • The Board addressed a number of other issues with impact on the life of the organization, starting by identifying answers to the question “What can CMC-Global do that the IMCs cannot?”
  • We revisited our mission/vision statements (it was extremely good to see that missions defined in the early stages of the Breakthrough Strategy preparation are still valid) and identifying goals for 1,3 and 5 years to be achieved as primary performance targets.
  • In order to make our work more transparent and in line with our attempt to make efficient use of voluntary resources available in the Board, we have defined clearer roles for the Directors and defined principles for evaluation of their performance.

Your Board is continuing to develop and implement a number of projects designed under the Breakthrough Strategies, such as:

  • International CMC Conference (to be held this year in October in Toronto, Canada),
  • CMC Global Institute,
  • CMC-Firm, Academic Fellow, Accredited Management Consulting Courses designations, as well as
  • New CMC-Global website. Our website will not only be a place to inform the outside world about us and our network, but also a sound platform to interconnect IMCs and CMCs.

Attention will also be paid to our involvement in the preparation of the ISO 20700, and with the support of all our volunteers we hope to provide a standard that we will be proud of and generate possibilities to enhance the role and recognition of CMC-Global.

Our discussions with the representatives of our members has shown us the need to develop products (such as surveys, studies, data collection) which will be able to improve our global coverage, and provide the members of our members, as well as the economic environment they are acting in, with data and facts helpful to their businesses. We know that we cannot do too much in all the activities mentioned above without the full support of all IMCs and all management consultants members of those IMCs (either individuals or consulting firms), but the Board decided that CMC-Global will develop our strategy and focus all available resources to providing an added value to the consulting world.

Starting from the previous mission statements and in line with the expectations of our members, we say now, that the Vision of CMC-Global is to be a leader in the development of management consulting as a global profession that drives social and economic success

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