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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Quick Quiz

Innovation & Process Improvement Leadership

© ICMCI & Doug Macnamara 

Q1 - What Type of Innovation Does Your Organisation Need/Use?

Innovation is not innovation is not innovation. When you talk about innovation in your organization does everyone understand how to interpret the word the same way? What is your style of innovation leadership?

  • Disruptive Innovation – Creating new markets & breakthrough products,

you lead fast failure-making and seek the one home run out of 100 duds!

  • Application Innovation – You explore and observe outside your own industry and areas of doing business, you identify & bring over ideas from other applications into your industry.
  • Product Innovation – You take established products/services and find ways to improve, add value, or find ways to deliver it for less cost – or all together!
  • Process Innovation – You work on established products and markets, finding ways to enhance the processes for cost effectiveness or improved efficiencies.
  • Experiential Innovation – You lead the improvement of your customers’ experience with your product or service. Imagine sedation dentistry or Disney’s wait line management.
  • Marketing Innovation – Your team finds ways to make the promotion of your products/services more enjoyable/meaningful, and/or you find ways to improve your customer-touch, customer-networking, or the buying process more personalized and value-added.
  • Business Model Innovation – You lead the adaptation of your organization to “reframe” the value proposition to marketplace and customers. Think IBM’s shift from building computers to building computing solutions. Apples move into iTunes and multi-media content, beyond hardware.
  • Structural Innovation – Use deregulation, or business consolidation or re-creation of established industry relationships/competition to leverage value across multiple channels. Think media conglomerates that can re-purpose the same content across radio, tv, internet, mobile, gaming platforms, etc. generating multiple revenue models from the same content.

Q2 – What are your Favourite Techniques for Facilitating Curiosity?

  • Delphi Technique
  • W5 + H
  • 3 Layers of “Why”
  • 100 Question Exercise
  • Painting/sculpture/music creation with Master Artists
  • Reverse Asumptions

Q3 – How do You Embrace/Use Paradox to Drive Your Innovation?

Do you identify service/productivity delivery paradoxes and focus your people on solving the paradox in their search for new value, ideas and breakthrough solutions.

Q4 – Do you Orchestrate “Intersection” of Expertise?

The best innovations come when more than one head is involved!

  • How do you bring people from across teams, with different talents to share their perspectives and collaborate to address a challenge?
  • Marketing, manufacturing, research, sales, customer service people working together?
  • Do you help lead the identification of “the challenge” pushing for different perspectives and insights before finalizing such definition?

Q5 – Can you Re-create your Organizational Elements to Build Knowledge & Innovation as your Team’s Asset?

  • Strategy processes based upon collaboration
  • Symbiotic Networks of colleagues and organization structure
  • Self-Managing & Self-directed teams of knowledge workers
  • Facilitating cross-boundary learning & knowledge flow across departments, between customers and providers, feedback loops amongst team members….
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