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CMC-Global Designations Branding - Building a Consistency in Identity

As you know a couple of years ago we developed and subsequently approved the new branding standards for use of the CMC Designation.
Recently we have completed branding for the remaining designations offered through CMC-Global and IMC’s. As you can see below, there is now complete alignment and brand reinforcement across all of our designations.

1.      The CMC Designation is our “anchor” brand - a mark of distinction.
CMC is the foundational designation of CMC-Global. Administered by country Institutes of Management Consulting, the CMC is the professional designation in the field of management consulting, recognized by government authorities in over 58 countries.
Its branding comes in two approved colours (below), plus white and black versions. The following CMC brand should be the only ones being used around the world. The dark blue is the standard colour, with metallic Gold for use in pins, certificates, etc. The CMC “Racetrack” on its own, without the wording and underline bar is not allowed. These elements must always be used together. A complete branding kit with usage guide has been available through ICMCI (CMC-Global) for 2 years now. 
Please ensure all IMC websites, certificates, Facebook groups, LinkedIn sites, and any other uses – newsletters, posters, etc. comply with these standards.


2.      The ACP Designation
The ACP is a designation awarded to consulting firms which, through a systematic audit, can show that their firm, plus all their consultants, meet competency and ethical standards of practice. These firms commit to recruiting, selecting and training their consultants to the CMC Standards. Assessed and granted by one of 49 country Institutes, CMC -Global can also work to coordinate reciprocal recognition in various countries around the world for consulting firms that operate in multiple countries. Similar to CMC, the ACP has a standard “burnt orange” colour and metallic “bronze” option colour. (W & B also.)

3.      The Academic Fellow Designation
CMC-Global’s Academic Fellow is an international designation recognising professors of management consulting from publically accredited universities. Candidates must be engaged in research and/or teaching of internal or external management consulting for at least 5 years, and they are assessed based upon several key areas. The AF designation has its standard colour of “garnet red” with metallic “rose gold” option. Also there is a lapel-pin option (far right), but this should not be used in any other manner. (W & B also.)

4.      CMC-Firm Designation
CMC-Firm is a programme to establish an International directory, network and promotion of large to medium, local/regional consulting firms and professional environments looking to go global – that both meet our standards and provide clients with an enhanced mark of excellence in consulting service provision. A CMC-Firm commits to and is audited in providing their services according to CMC-Global standards. The standard logo colour is “forest green”, with a “metallic silver” option. (W & B also.)


5.      Accredited Management Consulting Course Designation
An AMCC is a course in management consulting or related field, provided either by a higher education institution or commercial training provider, that meets CMC-Global’s standards for excellence. The AMCC logo standard colour is “berry purple”, with “blue steel” metallic option. (W & B also.)

6.      ICMCI is becoming CMC-Global
Consistent with the move to CMC-country naming and reinforcement of our global brand, ICMCI will not change its name but will move its branding and reputation to be known as CMC-Global. The ICMCI transition logo will be transitioned in the coming year to the CMC-Global logo. Other country-based IMC’s should start to adopt a similar branding as soon as possible.

7.      Corporate Sustaining Member – Sponsor identification
The corporate sustaining member initiative of CMC-Global will recognize corporations willing to align their interests with those of CMC-Global and sponsor CMC-Global’s work through an annual CSM fee. Different levels of sponsorship receive different levels of benefit. All CSM’s will be able to use the following logo on their own promotional materials – according to the terms of their CSM agreement.

Get your own new master logo files – now!
Complete branding kits and logo files in: jpeg, GIF, png, ai and pdf formats are available by contacting the CMC-Global Secretariat and requesting a user name and password to access the members designated area.
They will also be available on the new CMC-Global website, being launched soon.

Please make all your IMC administration staff, and key volunteers aware of these new branding materials.
Please start using the approved logos and colours now, and discontinue use of any previous logos and colours you may have floating around.
IMC’s may also make the various logo files available to their certified professionals, firms, academic fellows, and accredited course providers.

Please contact Reema or myself or the secretariat if you have any questions.