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The process for assessment of institutes’ standards for CMC

As part of its mission to promote and maintain professional standards internationally in management consultancy, ICMCI undertakes a triennial assessment or audit of the CMC standard of members institutes against the ICMCI CMC standard.  Successful completion of this process is also a requirement before provisional members can become full members of ICMCI.

ICMCI respects the legitimacy of varying approaches to the professional standard for management consultancy across its member institutes, depending on valid cultural and historical differences.  However, a common core professional standard is essential in order to reflect the best international practice, to assure common understanding across all members of ICMCI, to assure consistency in the award of CMC, and to provide a firm basis for reciprocal recognition of the international CMC qualification across all members.  

The ICMCI CMC standard represents this core, international professional standard.  The assessment of member institutes’ CMC standards is made against this ICMCI core standard.  The purpose of the assessment is to assure compliance with that standard, for all the reasons stated above; and it is equally also to actively share the best international practice, and to help institutes to develop and improve their professional standards and processes.

This section of the ICMCI website shows the key documents relating to this assessment process.  These are as follows.




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