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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Institute Assessment Program

ICMCI conducts assessments of prospective and member institutes to help them prepare for and maintain their international status as a member of ICMCI. The purpose is to guide institutes in their role as certifiers of management consultants. These assessments are intended to be constructive, and an institute that has passed an ICMCI assessment or has made changes to comply with assessment recommendations may rightfully hold itself out to the public as meeting ICMCI’s international standard of professionalism; and their members can be equally proud of their certification as CMC’s.

There are three types of assessments, reviews or quality assurance sessions:

  1. Pre-admission check
  2. Original Certification check (Assessment)
  3. Renewed Certification check (triennial) (Reassessment)

The process for all assessments:

  1. The prospective or member institute requests an assessment through the ICMCI Secretariat.
  2. The Chairman of the QAC (Quality Assurance Committee) designates an ICMCI assessing team of approved assessors. Assessors are approved according to the Requirements to become an assessor (LINK). Normally two assessors are assigned, but only one is required to travel to the institute being assessed. The role of the second assessor is to review the assessment papers of the first.
  3. The ICMCI Secretariat notifies the institute of the assessment team members and contact information, sends them a pre-assessment kit, and explains the financial arrangements:
    • The service fee for an assessment is €200 for entry to Provisional Membership
    • The service fee for the original or triennial assessment is €550
    • Service fees are paid to ICMCI in advance
    • The institute is responsible for the travel costs of at least one assessor. If the institute and the assessors agree to have both assessors travel, the distribution of travel costs should be agreed upon in advance. The institute will reimburse travel cost directly to assessors.
    • The institute is responsible for the lodging and meals of the assessors
    • There is no fee for the time of the assessors
    • The institute may negotiate a fee arrangement for any assessor asked to provide training. Such fee will be paid directly to the assessor.
  4. The assessing team arranges with the institute for the time and location of the assessment. Key individuals of the institute must be available to meet with the assessor(s) during this time.
  5. The visiting assessor conducts the assessment using the approved standard ICMCI assessment process. The content & process is described in the section "The Process for Assessment of Institutes' Standards for CMC."
  6. The Member Institute reimburses the visiting assessor(s) directly for his or her travel costs.
  7. The visiting assessor confers with the reviewing assessor
  8. The assessment team reports its findings to the institute officers, orally at the end of the visit, in writing within few weeks after the visit. The written report is copied to all members of QAC for their information and possibly questioning.
  9. The institute officers have 30 days to file a response
  10. If the response is considered satisfactory the assessment team files its report together with the institute’s response with the Secretariat; steps 11 and 12 are executed; if not, see steps 13 to 15.
  11. The chairman of QAC notifies the Executive Committee of the result of the assessment and whether a previously provisional member qualifies as a full member.
  12. The Secretariat officially congratulates the institute, with copies to the Executive Committee and assessment team, for completing and passing the assessment. If full membership is obtained a certificate stating this is sent to the institute.
  13. Where the institute’s response is not satisfactory the assessment team files a confidential report with the Secretariat identifying the disqualifying conditions and sends its original report plus the institute’s response to the Secretariat.
  14. The Executive Committee determines whether to defer action pending corrections by the institute, to place the institute on probation, or to cancel its membership in ICMCI.
  15. The Secretariat informs the Institute of the result of the assessment and the action of the Executive Committee.
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