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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Criteria for election of the Chairman of ICMCI

Contenders for the Chairmanship of ICMCI should preferably meet the majority of the following criteria before making themselves eligible for the position.They should have:

  • held the Presidency of their national institute for at least one full term
  • been inducted in ICMCI as a delegate of their host institute and have served at least one term as Trustee on the ICMCI Council
  • served at least one term on the ICMCI Executive Committee as an officer
  • made a significant and obvious contribution to the working of ICMCI before being elected member of the ICMCI Executive Committee
  • be able to spare the time required to do justice to the assignment of Chairman for a full two year term
  • have the administrative/office infrastructure to operate as a full fledged chairman’s office
  • have the financial resources through their local institute or otherwise to travel to annual Council and Executive Committee meetings.

In addition, the Nominations and Succession Planning Committee will conduct an assessment of:

  • his/her personality, self-discipline, and record of meeting his commitments
  • his/her vision for the organisation
  • his/her ability to demonstrate leadership
  • his/her ability to develop the future leadership of the organisation
  • his/her capacity to contribute own resources for the benefit of such an organisation (a professional body, non-profit making)
  • his/her expertise and experience in orchestrating the needs and wants of Institutes of more than 40 different countries with diverse requirements.
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