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Frequently Asked Questions ICMCI

What is ICMCI?
ICMCI is an organization designed to propagate the growth, visibility and development of the management consulting profession.  As a professional organization it holds the right to grant rights of application for the trademark qualification of Certified Management Consultant (“CMC”), and all full Members [we choose the convention that we use Members with a capital for all Institutes, Associations and Professional bodies who are members of ICMCI to distinguish from the members (lower case m) who are members of the national bodies] of the ICMCI progress to reciprocally recognize this qualification.  ICMCI full [provisional members can not do all of the following and in particular can not award the CMC] members are the constituent national institutes who have power to represent the profession in their own country, and who meet certain stringent levels of performance, geared to encouraging a superior and standard CMC qualification, irrespective of the country of issue.

There are actually forty four national institutes, which are members (both provisional --- progressing under the guidance of a full member towards the requirements needed for full membership --- and full).  Details of their officers and locations will be found, as well as data concerning the ICMCI executive and documentation relating to the ICMCI and CMC qualification, on  There has been a significant growth in both member Institutes and in persons having the CMC qualification.  This growth is expected to continue.


How to become a member of ICMCI?

Institutes or associations who wish to join ICMCI, are requested to contact the ICMCI Secretariat [our rules state that there should be one member per country –unless this is not possible for political or geographical reasons and this is why we The People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong and Chinese Taipei as Members]. An Association can inform ICMCI (via the secretariat) about its intention to join ICMCI. If the secretariat receives a completed application, Membership and Quality Assurance Committee and ExCom will decide on membership acceptance.
After acceptance by Executive Committee on recommendation from the Membership and Quality Assurance Committee, the candidate (e.g. a national institute) receives a letter of congratulations.

ICMCI does not have individual members. We can advise you to join your (local) Institute and as their member, you will, indirectly, be a member of ICMCI. If there is not a local Member (Full or provisional where arrangements will have already been made for another Member to award CMCs where appropriate0, an interested individual can contact a convenient Full Member and seek INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP WITH THEM.  The list of members is included on  Of course we wish you a successful career as a management consultant. Your membership of the local Member Institute will contribute to that success!


There is no IMC in our country, how can we establish one?
Please download here some guidelines for developing and establishing a Professional Institute for Individual Management Consultants in Your Nation. Please do not hestitate to contact us for any questions you might have.


Which institutes are member of ICMCI?
Please take a look at our website:


Where can I find more information about the ICMCI Validated Certification Programme?
In some Member countries as well as the local Institute assessing candidates for the CMC, significant practices whose recruitment, training, development and assessment processes are found to be of a defined standard, can recommend to their local Institute that a member of that practice be awarded the CMC.  This practice is referred to as an Accredited Certifying Practice (ACP).  The ACP is appointed to that role by the national Institute.  ICMCI periodically validates the assessment process for ACPs in each of the Members which operate the scheme,  Not all Members have an ACP scheme. There are documents on the web site about ACP, including the names of the national practices that have attained this status. 


How do I get my CMC certificate?
We assume/note you were enquiring about registration/the qualification/ CMC. The Certified Management Consultant qualification is awarded by National Professional Bodies.  These bodies are regularly assessed by ICMCI, the owner [actually legally the owner of the title ~Certified Management Consultant and the logo that we use is the Canadian Association of Management Consultants and they have licensed them both to ICMCI – obviously this is for your information not for inclusion in the FAQ] of the qualification CMC, to ensure that they meet defined standards.  These standards are available on our web site

The standards require you to demonstrate a level of competence in the defined areas, client experience and satisfaction, a defined degree of knowledge about the process of consulting and the business environment, a period of successful practice as a management consultant and adherence to a code of conduct and ethics.  
Normally, you should initially approach your own national professional body and these are listed again on the web site:

Should you be living and working permanently in another country you may wish to contact the local professional body.  For those living in countries where there is not yet a local Institute, some of the larger professional Bodies (for example Australia, Austria, Canada, Holland, India, UK and USA) are experienced in assessing candidates from other countries.

We do hope that you continue to explore the options of obtaining this internationally recognized qualification in one of the modern business professions.  We wish you every future success.


How can I order (a hard copy of) the CBK ( Body of Knowledge)?
The CBK is available on the website. This version of the CBK on the web site is a full length text but tails off at the end with list of techniques - etc. A new version is in preparation but in no sense is the CBK expected to be a full "text book" of management consultancy.  Rather it is designed to define the landscape and the breadth of knowledge expected. 

It would be impossible or unrealistic for a CMC to be completely expert in all the facets, there must be some specialisation. On the other hand the CMC is expected to be knowledgeable across the entire range. Nor is the CBK exclusive that is anything outside the listings need not be known nor is it permanent - the whole market proposition of management consultancy is often to be expert in new techniques before they become common place for all managers. (For instance: see the entry BPR on the last page which was a consultancy prime topic in the early 1990s but is now background skills for most managers).

  1. The CBK is not available as a hard copy
  2. ICMCI would feel honored if you use its CBK for your training
  3. When using the CBK, we would expect you to reference the source, that is that the CBK is the intellectual property of ICMCI and that you are using it with their express permission for training purposes.


Where can I find details of future ICMCI Congresses, courses, workshops and so on?
Please take a look at our website:
All conferences will be held in English and/or the local language with simultaneous translation into English. For information about submitting papers or attending, please contact the organization or contact person mentioned.


Our membership is primarily composed of consulting firms and not individuals. The individual represents his firm. We also accept individual members but we have fewer individual members than firms. Does this disqualify our Institute from membership in ICMCI?
Most of our member institutes consist mainly (and most commonly, entirely) of individual members. Some also have a section for firm members. There is no requirement that ICMCI institute members be mainly for individuals, though this was the expectation when ICMCI was founded. Rather, the purpose of ICMCI is to establish a world-wide certification standard for individuals. So long as your institute has a critical mass of 20 individual consultants and they control and maintain the quality of the certification process to ICMCI Standards, your institute may qualify for membership in ICMCI.


Our membership in ICMCI lapsed for non-payment of dues. How can we be reinstated?
Membership will automatically lapse if an Institute falls two years behind in payment of dues. To be reinstated, the Institute would have to reapply as a new member.


Our provisional membership in ICMCI lapsed because we were not able to establish a certification program by the mandatory three years. We now have established a certification program. How can we be reinstated?
Provisional Membership will automatically lapse if the member fails to pass the provisional member audit two years after becoming a Provisional Member. To be reinstated the Institute must re-apply as a full member.


How can I register as a consultant on the international CMC directory?
We regret that registration is not possible for the time being. The service is being re-examined for practicality and effectiveness in connecting those seeking consultants with those offering competent management consultancy services, taking into account legal, ethical, and privacy issues. 


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