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Membership Survey 2014

One of the most important functions the ICMCI plays is to have accurate and current information on our member IMC’s and to be able to refer leaders in one region to leaders in another for collaboration, sharing of successful strategies, and to ensure each IMC remits their fair share of fees to the ICMCI.

As you may be aware, ICMCI is through its volunteer committees, advancing important work to raise awareness of the CMC designation around the world.

In this spirit, we would ask you to complete the following ICMCI Membership Survey fully, and return it to us by Monday July 14th updated with your statistics as of 30 June 2014. If you have any questions, please contact the Secretariat via the email.


  1. All items with * are mandatory; please fill in 0 (zero) when the member category is non-existent or not applicable. When asked for numbers please use numbers only, any other entry will give an error in the form.
  2. Please be sure to fill in the membership figures as accurately as possible so as to reflect the most appropriate view of your IMC to the rest of your colleagues.
  3. After submitting the form online, it is not possible to go back and edit, if that is needed, please advise for us to send you a different link.
Institute Information  
Country(region) of your institute *
Name of your institute *
Date of Inception of your IMC *
Date your IMC became a member of ICMCI *
Are you a Provisional or Full Member? *  


Individual Members-CMC  (as at 30 June 2014)  
Number of CMCs*
(members who are qualified/awarded as CMC)
Number of FCMCs*
(members who are qualified/awarded as FCMC)
CMC Reciprocity*
(the number of individual members in your institute who have CMC from another institute or country)


Other Individual members  (as at 30 June 2014)  
Number of other members*
(All other grades of individual members except Students)
Number of Student members*


Corporate (Practice) members (as at 30 June 2014)  
Number of Accredited Consulting Practices (ACPs)*
Number of consultants working for the ACP members*
Number of Consulting Firms (non-ACP)*
Number of consultants working for the non-ACP members*


Institute Information  
Full name President/Chair*
Email President/Chair*
Full name (Executive) Director*
Email (Executive) Director*
URL of Institute website
Full postal address of Institute*
(Full) Telephone number of Institute*
Fax number of Institute
Email address of Institute*
Treasurer or person to contact for financial matters
Email of this person
Person to contact for marketing purposes
Email of this person


Representatives appointed to ICMCI Council (Trustees)

The number of delegates that may be assigned is based on the total number of individual consulting members in the national institutes, as follows:

Consulting members Trustees
0 - 499 1
500 - 999 2
1.000 - 1.999 3
> 2.000 4


Name of Trustee 1*
Email of Trustee 1*
Name of Trustee 2
Email of Trustee 2
Name of Trustee 3
Email of Trustee 3
Name of Trustee 4
Email of Trustee 4

Note: Where more Trustees are appointed than are eligible to vote, based on the total number of individual consulting members in the national institute, the additional trustees will be recorded as 'non-voting' trustees in our records.

Contact information for follow up queries relating to the survey
Please provide us with the contact information of the person responsible for completing this survey, in case of questions. A confirmation of receipt of your completed survey will be emailed to the address submitted below.
If you have outstanding questions, comments or remarks, please submit these below.

When all information is completed and you have printed the form, please click the Submit button to send us your member information.




To print your entry for your own administration  use the PRINT button before pressing the Submit button.