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Trustee Resolutions (and Standing Rules)

Trustee decisions in resolutions: a consolidation

Since 1999, it has been the practice for decisions of trustees to be progressed through a formal resolution and vote.  Some of these affect the main governance document (the By Laws) but most do not.  Also, as time has passed, some resolutions have been replaced or amended by subsequent resolutions.  In addition the resolutions themselves have not been posted, once passed, on the ICMCI web site.

The document linked below includes all resolutions passed since 1999 with the newest resolutions at the top and others in order below.  Where a resolution amends, affects, alters or removes a previously passed (and listed further down the file) resolution this is noted by the new resolution.  Also, if a resolution has been affected by a more recent resolution, this is also noted by that resolution.  Every effort has been made to note all the links, but this has been a complex and time consuming task and any omissions should be notified to the ICMCI Secretariat.

Click here for the Consolidated resolutions

Prior to 1999, the practice was to pass "Standing Rules" at Trustee business meetings.  Many of these have been overtaken by subsequent resolutions but some are still valid. Please see

Click here for the Standing Rules commentary

Resolutions as tabled at the Orlando Conference 2012 are under discussion. Herewith is further information on these Resolutions.  There is now a period of 60 days, up to 19 January 2013, for Trustees to vote on behalf of their IMCs.

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