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Trustee to ICMCI Council

Delegates to ICMCI Council (Trustees) are elected or appointed by their host institute to serve a terms of two years. These delegates must have access to their respective national Boards. Election as office bearer or Trustee of ICMCI involves far more than the honor and title. It involves a fair amount of hard work; time off to do this work in situ; time and funds to travel to meetings - as an average once a year, sometimes to far off destinations; and the basic infrastructure (secretary, fax, email, office space) that they can extend to ICMCI work. Member institutes should determine from each contestant that he/she has the affordability that the position requires.

The number of delegates that may be assigned is based on the total number of individual consulting members in the national institute, as follows:

Consulting Members Trustees
0 - 499 1
500 - 999 2
1.000 - 1.999 3
> 2.000 4

Responsibilities of Trustees
Trustees to ICMCI Council must have access to their national boards. They should be prepared to participate for at least two years in ICMCI annual meetings and to serve on ICMCI committees. Their duties are to:

  • ensure that the ICMCI Secretariat is notified of their appointment and term
  • provide the ICMCI Secretariat with basic personal profile information and to notify ICMCI of any changes in personal contact or profile information
  • attend and vote at the biennial ICMCI Congress, including the election of officers. [Delegates from provisional member institutes do not have voting franchise but are encouraged to participate in the discussions.]
  • make the views of their national council known to the ICMCI Council
  • report ICMCI matters to their national council
  • act as a communications channel between ICMCI and their national membership
  • participate actively in committees, task forces and working parties of ICMCI

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