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The Cyprus Institute of Certified Management Consultants has been very active in promoting the CMC title in both the public and private sectors of Cyprus. Members of the board, headed by the Chairman, have held a number of promotional meetings with key persons in Government, Financial Services Institutions, Private Sector Secretariats and other major Management Consulting buyers, with an excellent response.

Within the above scope, the CICMC has now entered into a unique and innovative agreement with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry which stipulates for a two way support in achieving objectives for mutual and general public benefit.  The agreement stipulates for the promotion of good management practices in Cypriot organisations aiming at improving: corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, productivity and performance improvement, the creation of synergies for the development of export orientation, better financial management and promotion of ICT in organisations, for higher return on investment and business sustainability.

For the implementation of above objectives the signed agreement defines clearly the actions to be implemented and the responsibilities of each side. The CCCI has undertaken to involve CMCs on a regular basis in development and other committees involved in their policy making decision making  processes, and the CICMC has undertaken to involve its members in above as well as co organising  promotional activities with presentations and articles – cases studies in the CCCI publications. The CICMC has also undertaken to promote the participation of the CCCI and its sectoral members in EU, co-financed and nationally funded research and development projects. 

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