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A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

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Treasurer’s Report

As Treasurer of ICMCI, this has been a busy period. With the move of our Secretariat from the UK to the Netherlands, 
we have had to re-establish our financial reporting. I am pleased to report that this is well under way, and regular financial reporting will be established by the time to read this.

Your new Finance Committee has been hard at work. We meet at least monthly, and work continues between meetings. We have two main duties. The first is to act as stewards of ICMCI funds, to be sure it is collected, properly used, and the results reported.

A very exciting initiative under way is to implement a corporate membership program. While we have experience with companies sponsoring ICMCI events, we have not, to date, had other ways of establishing closer ties with other organizations. We are putting in place three levels of corporate membership by which organizations can support our work and establish closer relationships with us. The three levels of corporate membership are: Corporate Member, Corporate Supporting member, and Corporate Sustaining member. Each level of membership brings with it benefits to the organization in return for annual membership fees to ICMCI. We have received a very positive response from the organizations we have approached to date.

As you read this, the 2014-15 Draft budget has been circulated to Trustees for approval. Based on the work of our Finance Committee, I have had the confidence to submit a budget which reflects the standard membership fee, supplemented by alternative sources of revenue.

If you have any feedback for me, or any suggestions for new revenue streams, please do be in touch.

Dwight Mihalicz
Treasurer, ICMCI

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