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Constantinus International Award


A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

A collection of best practice and activities of member Institutes

Chairman's Message

It's great to have the opportunity to write to you in the Meridian for my third time.

I can say that in our first 4 months of serving in the current EXCOM considerable work has been undertaken by EXCOM, the Committees, Taskforces and indeed Trustee/IMC's so my thanks go to all for their volunteer efforts.

In just these few months ICMCI has;


  • Achieved full support from Trustees to rebrand their IMC’s to CMC [Country Name] or to have a pull through/by line under their current trading name/logo – along with approval on all other resolutions that have also been already acted upon by the related committees/taskforces, etc.
  • Built several new revenue models including non-consulting corporate membership, sponsorship and continued the initiative of CMC Global.
  • A new provisional member being assessed in Myanmar, adding another country to our membership
  • Contacts established in two other countries for potentially forming new IMCs
  • Tightened the fiscal management and collection of fees/dues payable by members
  • Had several excellent social and multi media marketing activities initiated centrally and for the whole of ICMCI, including Wikipedia, You Tube Channel, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Expanded the distribution and readership of the Meridian itself

Also and most importantly Trustees and IMC's will be receiving a new set of resolutions as promised in the Jo'burg conference relating to a revised budget and revenue forecasts.

Please be sure to keep the key dates free this year for the Asia Pacific Hub meeting in Myanmar between 27-30 April, Euro Hub in Kiev between 12-13 June and the annual Congress and Conference in South Korea between 22-27 September.

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