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A celebration of 25 years of the ICMCI

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A note from the Marketing Committee

Calling All IMC’s!!

The Marketing Committee of ICMCI is developing a multi-pronged marketing campaign to start soon in 2014. This year’s campaign and future years will work to develop a better understanding of the value of, plus noticeable public “presence” for, the CMC designation; along with the extended credibility of local IMC’s and their CMC designation because it is part of a global organization – ICMCI.

  Included in this campaign will be:

  1. Targeted marketing, direct communications and personal visits to the HQ of major multi-national corporations’ heads of purchasing. We ultimately want these multinationals to specify or recommend CMC designation as hiring criteria for management consultants worldwide in their organizations.
  2. Targeted Marketing, direct communications and personal visits to HQ and Regional Offices of major global organizations that often employ consultants – such as the World Bank, Asia-Pacific Bank, UNESCO, etc. Again, the objective will be to get them to specify or recommend CMC designation as a criteria in hiring consultants.
  3. Targeted Marketing, direct communications and personal visits to national organizations and their Senior Executive(s) Head of Purchasing to build an understanding and appreciation for the CMC designation and its global credibility due to the work of ICMCI, such that they will require or highly recommend to all purchasers of management consulting services in their organization, to require the CMC designation from consultancy providers.
  4. More elements of a marketing campaign for use by IMC’s, social media directed at key global influencers, and development of a value-creating resource base of management consulting insights from articles, audio/video blogs, etc. Details to follow soon!

In the meantime, we would like IMC’s to recommend us, 10 -15 top-level consultants that embody the professionalism of CMC from across your country that we might call upon to make introductory meetings and/or follow-up calls to direct communications. All will be co-ordinated and initiated by ICMCI Mktg C’tee and supported by a meeting kit with key messaging and other resources as appropriate.

15-20 names please – close to key urban areas. They may be members of your IMC Council/Board or senior members of your CMC member community that would represent well, all the CMC’s of the world!

Please send your nominations to the ICMCI Marketing Committee via the Executive Director of ICMCI – Reema Nasser:

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